Bird (inkedfeathers) wrote in angelbeats_fans,

Some Angel Beats! icons and things

Hi, I'm Bird and I just joined this community and felt I should share these icons I've made.


The rest of the icons are here. There are some Otonashi, Yui, and Hinata x Yui icons here that I never shared on LJ too!

I also posted my thoughts on the overall theme of the show a while back on my journal, so I figured I should share that too. x3;

Oh! Aaaaand I also drew some Naoi and Kanade fanart because I rather like that pairing in fanon, but there wasn't a tag for it, I suppose because it's such a rare pairing. xD;;;

Winged variation:
Tags: character: naoi, character: shiina, character: tenshi (kanade), character: yui, fanart, fanart: het, graphics: icons, pairing: hinata/yui
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