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On a sleepy morning when I woke up repeatedly, I pulled my necktie tight.
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28th-Feb-2012 02:29 pm - Fic: Strawberry Snack Cake
Title: Strawberry Snack Cake
Fandom: Angel Beats!
Rating: T for language
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Angst/Frienship
Pairings/Characters: Hinata/Otonashi pre-slash, though really this is just gen.
Disclaimer: I don't own Angel Beats!.
Summary: Sometimes it's the most innocent of things that can trigger a person and send them spiraling into sorrow. In this case, what triggers Otonashi is spongy, costs little, and tastes sweet.
A/N: Oh my God. I finally did it. I finally wrote some honest hurt/comfort and at last my writing has taken its nose dive off of Mount Pretentious. I'm so proud I think I could cry. Also, this was written after I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare about my mother dying. So yeah. you can see where this is going.

(Here at my journal.)
19th-Oct-2011 04:37 pm(no subject)
[19] Angel Beats!
[30] Rokudo Mukuro x Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford (Katekyo Hitman Reborn x Kuroshitsuji)
[10] Bear Nuts
[17] Bleach
[34] Katekyo Hitman Reborn
[50] Mawaru Penguindrum
[35] Sket Dance
[92] misc
[28] stock

TOTAL [315]

love you like a love song ♫ @ juisse
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16th-Oct-2011 12:41 am - Group Order & Sales
Currently hosting a HUGE Group Order! 5 Shops to order from!

Amazon/Animate Group Order Page
Toranoana/K-Books Group Order Page
Mandarake Group Order Page

All pages have different notes so please be careful when you order!
Former participants will be getting a 10% discount on commission fee :)

Due date for all Orders is November 6th


Moved SSS Anthology to my livejournal sales page!
I'm also selling 2 other Angel Beats so please check them out as well!
Please click the picture above for their details

( 114 Icons / GIFs from episodes 1, 4, 6-13, and both openings.)  HERE.

Blooming Taraxacum
4th-Sep-2011 03:59 pm - SELLING: AngelBeats! doujinshi
available doujinshi
☆ 07-GHOST
★ AngelBeats!
☆ D.Gray-Man
★ Eyeshield 21
☆ Heart/Clover no Kuni no Alice
★ Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
☆ Kuroshitsuji
★ Tales of the Abyss
☆ Vocaloid

available HERE

available items
☆ Art Programs
☆ Anime DVDs
☆ Manga Magazines
☆ Novels
☆ Raw Manga (tankoubon)
☆ Video Games/Visual Novels

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22nd-Aug-2011 02:48 pm - icons
7 angel beats! icons

here at cyanstreaks
2nd-Jul-2011 09:32 pm - Selling: 2 Postcards
Hello Angel Beats fans! I have two Angel Beats postcards for sale! Please take a look and give them a new home! Thanks!

Postcards: http://hideincarnate.livejournal.com/589203.html#cutid1
Flower - Sakura blossoms
16th-Jun-2011 08:44 pm(no subject)
7th batch:

100x100 [300]: Suzumiya Haruhi, Ano Hana, One Piece, K-ON!, Toaru Majutsu/Railgun, Madoka★Magica, Pokemon, Code Geass, Ore no Imouto, Amagami, Durarara!, Denpa teki na Kanojo, Angel Beats!, Ranma 1/2, Denpa Onna, & Unsorted Anime
Last.fm icons [12]: Suzumiya Haruhi, One Piece, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Code Geass, & Pokemon
120x120 [10]: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

credit is not necessary, but appreciated: [info]hellsketch  
want more? join [post will be locked after 3 days]

6th-Jun-2011 04:29 pm - episode 1 icons
❏ TORADORA! [70]

Find the rest here @ aniconisfinetoo!
Ⓖʀᴇᴇɴ Lᴀɴᴛᴇʀɴ
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