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The Angel Beats! Fan Community

✿ All posts must be related to Angel Beats. A post should also be relevant, meaning that a discussion over episode 4 is fine, not a post about how "A guy in class totally had TK hair and headband for some reason omigawd." Likewise, if it involves the seiyuu/voice actors, make sure it is over something concerning Angel Beats.
USE THE TAGS. Since this comm has just begun, if you search the TAGS PAGE and see that a tag you need doesn't exist, you can ask the moderator HERE to add a tag for you.
✿ Lock ALL downloads and anything pertaining to NSFW content (R18 material, guro, etc). Make sure that the NSFW portion is not shown in the preview, and place the content beneath a cut.
✿ If you have any questions to ask in the comm, PLEASE check to QUESTIONS TAG first to see if anyone has already asked. Along the same vein, it might be wise to check if anyone has posted any scans, episodes, etc. you wish to post (such as doujinshi, etc). However, if your scans are cleaner or episodes a higher quality, or if your episode is subbed by another group, then you can go ahead and post.
✿ If your entry still begins with, "I don't know if this is allowed, but..." after having read the rules, please contact the mod.
✿ Posting etiquette:

Character(s) or Pairing(s):

If your summary is in the cut, it's fine. If you want to express your individuality for whatever reason, make sure at least something up there is filled out. Even something like " Hinata-centric. Hinata spreads out on top of the rooftop and wonders about the sky above. " would be fine.

✿ Small image previews and fake cuts are certainly allowed. Around 400x400 is best for this community layout. A maximum of four icons are allowed as previews.
✿ Please use LJ cuts (if you don't know how, here's a tutorial from the LJ support page). You do not have to LJ cut everything, but it is REQUIRED FOR spoilers, posts that are extremely long, and icon posts with more than three icons.
✿ Please post icon entries only once a week. Keep blog crew posts at minimum, and friending memes once a month at least.
✿ Do not disable the comment feature in your post; if you can't take the comments, don't post at all. If someone is harassing you, however, please contact the moderator.
STAY NICE. Use your judgment, and try not to start or fuel drama. This community is open to het, slash, and so on. Any flames and bigotry WILL lead to a banning. Trolling will not be tolerated. Disagreements will happen, of course, but agree to disagree.


Summary for Angel Beats! coming soon.



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